81 Chrystie St., York, NY, 10002 
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Lucky Plaza Restaurant is a newly-opened Chinese restaurant in the Chinatown of New York. Established in 2010, this Chinese restaurant has provided hearty meals to delight its customers both Chinese Americans and the visiting natives alike.
This dine-in and take-out restaurant offers a wide selection of authentic Cantonese dishes. Both of the chefs are sophisticated in cooking Cantonese food: one is from Hong Kong and the other is well-known in Chinatown. Among over 200 offerings, BBQ, Rice Casserole, Boiled Lobster, Steamed catfish with preserved plum and Yu-Shiang Baby Shrimps are quite popular among customers. At lunch time, delicious chow fun and chow mien are specially made every day.

In Lucky Plaza, customers’ attention is often drawn to the fascinating fish tank. Another sight of view is the carved food, which are vivid enough to deceive customers’ eyes. They are all works of art. Besides, any birthday parties or wedding ceremonies are more than welcomed to be held in here.

The owner, Mr. Chen often chats with customers to get their advice so that he can improve his restaurant. Although having been established for only one year, the restaurant has become a hot spot in Chinatown.